Next tax hike will be for majority

I guess I should not be surprised. A left-leaning newspaper allows a congressman that is responsible to have a column to discuss the upcoming fiscal cliff. (Sunday Viewpoints commentary, “What’s at risk if we go over the fiscal cliff,” by U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen”).

This in the same paper that has to credit my previous state legislator, Mary Margaret Haugen, for her “hard work.” In both cases, the legislators have enacted legislation that does not support the business agenda to create jobs, but rather promotes higher taxes and more government spending to drive the country to fiscal success. Despite the lessons seen right now in Europe, we see that punishing “the rich” to ensure the government will survive is the best way to go. (Or the best way to convince the 48 percent to vote for you).

Rick Larsen talks about increasing taxes on the rich. Today it is a tax increase on those making over $250,000 per year. Tomorrow, the majority of taxpayers, the middle class, will see the tax increase.

You cannot continue to spend more than you take in and have a sustainable business model. One the government should learn, Mary Margaret is out, but how long and at what price before Larsen and his party is out, too. I only hope the reasonable Washingtonians and Amercians realize before it is truly too late.

Tony Czaban