No war waged against women

The glaring headline in The Herald “Dems denounce ‘war on women’” is but another example of inflammatory rhetoric to score political points and gather silver coins. It has nothing to do with the core issue of a government issuing mandates to a religious organization that are exactly opposed to their beliefs.

The “debate” about government intrusion against the strict rights defined in the First Amendment should never be categorized as a war against anybody. A sensible debate would be about how to guarantee the protections in our Bill of Rights to all.

I have never heard my church declare war on women. But I have heard that life begins at conception and the rights of the unborn should be equally considered by our Constitution. Human beings have that “free will” thing that allows them to make choices all the days of their lives.

The exception would be unborn children, who have no power to protect themselves. That role to protect the most vulnerable is assumed through the teachings of the religious community.

You can discuss that role and constitutional guarantees in civil terms without falsely calling it a “war on women.” We deserve better from our elected officials.

Dan O’Brien