Obama made sure closure hurt

Who are we kidding? Oct. 1 arrived and the government was forced to spend at a lower level and informed the media that “non-essential” personnel would be furloughed. The disingenuous nature of this administration then made an unprecedented decision to cut, not “non-essential” personnel, but all citizen-facing personnel to ensure the reduction of spending was felt by the public. After all, it would be hard to explain to the public that they need even bigger federal programs and expanded personnel if they were able to maintain “business as usual” with “non-essential” personnel furloughed.

The White House (aka president) can talk all they/he wants about caring about the “little” people, but in reality, their decisions continually hurt, divide, punish those they claim to represent most. The federal government was not shut down, but the administration definitely chose to force a shutdown of services to make their point. Where is the leadership for “change” that has been so highly touted in the past two presidential elections. This is a president of “status quo” and “lead from the rear.”

Tom Hart


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