OK for opposition to impose will?

I had to chuckle at the letter writer Friday who complained that state lawmakers were imposing their will on citizens of this state by approving a law on gay marriages, and according to the writer, doing so contrary to God’s word. Apparently the writer missed the fact that he and like-minded people were not allowed to impose their will on others by not being asked for their blessing for an activity that in no way directly affects him. He also seems to have completely missed that part of the U.S. Constitution designed to separate matters of faith and governance.

While I am heterosexual, at least one major faith holds that I should not be married to the wonderful woman who said “I do” to me over 16 years ago, since we are both divorced from our respective first spouses. Additionally, those who argue that the purpose of marriage is to procreate and raise children must also take offense with us. My wife’s child from her first marriage is grown and moved out before I married his mother, and as I near the half century mark, I still have no desire to father children, and my wife does not want to bear any more. According to these people, apparently my wife and I are both to be condemned because we happen to love one another, and for us, that is just fine.

I understand some people disagree with the notion of gay marriage. To those people, I suggest doing what I did: marry a person of the opposite sex.

Tom Pacher