Owner shares in responsibility

I have to agree with the writer of Jan. 17 letter, “Lock up all abusers for life,” who expressed how disturbed she was on reading of the person who recently killed his girlfriend’s dog for begging. Whether it’s a child or an animal, there is something profoundly wrong with someone who would beat up on another so badly. People like that are clearly not meant to walk around unattended in society where they can inflict pain and suffering on others, and should be removed permanently from the opportunity to do so.

Like so many other stories of mind-bending abuse though, the abuser is the boyfriend of a woman who has dependents; dependents who rely on her to keep them safe. I can’t believe that the abuser, in this case, had not shown some sort of violence or aggression towards this little dog before the night that he killed it. As far as I’m concerned, the dog’s owner shares in the responsibility for the terror and pain inflicted on this small animal. And furthermore, what were the witnesses doing while the abuser carried the dog to the kitchen by its tail and broke its body into pieces?

The after-life holds special places for all of the people involved in this.

Ann Risvold