Parroting points misses real issues

As I’ve been reading the letters to the editor lately it becomes painfully clear once again that the hypocrisy of politics knows no bounds. It also becomes clear how many people only listen to the talking points from “their side” and ignore anything that has to do with the evil opposition on the other side of the aisle. One such letter from a lady in Lynnwood stated that she was so upset with The Herald for daring to have an opinion that differed from hers that she was willing to cancel her subscription. (Tuesday, “McKenna off base on social issues.”) She parrots the talking points of the liberals regarding the alleged “war on women” being perpetrated by those nasty Republicans.

Perhaps she missed the recent story out of New York where the Democrat mayor has removed a woman’s right to choose the size of soft drink she can purchase. Does the writer care about that right to choose or does she only care when it has to do with the right to kill unborn children? Does she really care about contraception or is it only a hot button topic when someone else refuses to provide it for her?

Personally, I’m a little concerned that we’re so fixated on fighting each other that we don’t realize how our elected representatives are selling us down the road, regardless of party. Both sides promise lower taxes and less spending, yet regardless of the party in power we get higher taxes and more spending. Yet the blind ideologues just continue parroting!

Kevin English


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