Peterson shares our values, goals

One of the things I love about traveling in Europe is the abundance of small, locally owned and operated “mom and pop” businesses. Often, you can walk into a cheese shop and notice that everyone working behind the counter is as close as family. That’s what I love. My husband and I have found that in the suburbs where we live and work. We appreciate the tenacity of the small businesses that fight to survive and thrive, provide a large number of jobs for our communities, all while bringing us their passion through their businesses.

That’s why I want to encourage my neighbors and friends to support our local Edmonds cheesemonger and city councilman, Strom Peterson, for the vacant 21st District legislative seat. After interviewing all the candidates, moderating a forum, and hearing from them personally, I feel Strom represents our district and our party’s biggest area of opportunity in small business. We are constantly attacked and defending our beliefs from the right with regard to small businesses and having a champion to speak on behalf of his fellow business owners, particularly with regard to transportation to support those businesses, will help the party overall.

Strom’s experience as a small business owner, city councilman and our shared values for a thriving community outside of Seattle are what give him my vote. I know that he will be able to get the job done for the district and our state. With his experience, he will be a shrewd negotiator when it comes to passing progressive legislation and finding common goals to work on with the Republicans. We don’t have many strong small business owners to speak from the floor when Republicans say our Democratic values don’t help small businesses and his voice will be right where we need it in Olympia. Vote Strom Peterson for state representative!

Reyes Lozoya


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