Plastic bag ban out of this world

Recently my wife and I decided to take a trip out of the U.S. and headed to the People’s Republic of Seattle. While there we saw many strange things and customs. As we shopped in a grocery store, we found a meat pack with a fair price and placed it in a plastic protective bag before proceeding to check out.

As we paid, we were asked if we wished to pay 5 cents for a paper bag, We were informed plastic bags were now banned by the rulers of the land. When questioned why a plastic bag was available for protection of the meat, but not for use as transport, the employees became nervous and distraught, obviously one does not question the orders of the rulers. Not wanting the these poor folks to be transported to a re-education camp if they spoke their minds, we paid and left.

My wife and I reflected how we had just been to Alki Beach and used the trash barrels that had, of all things, large plastic bags! How can this be, if small plastic grocery bags are destroying the environment, what can these large bags do? Would a total collapse of the universe as we know it occur? My wife voiced how, living in a rainy area such as seattle, plastic grocery bags can be very helpful for those walking home or waiting for public transport.

We then realized we had run into hypocrisy, a thought process wherein symbolism trumps substance and feeling good about your actions is better than doing something really worthwhile.

Later we proceeded back to America where plastic bags abound and the earth is not falling apart due to using them. To the rulers and their subjects of Seattle and other feel good cities — when are you going to outlaw disposible diapers and plastic bottles that dot the beaches and parks as well as the streets of your fair areas?

Jim and Connie Barrett

Camano Island