Playing games to eke out every cent

We all know we’re paying more for gasoline than we really should; however, has anyone seen the latest way the oil companies are trying to get even more money from us consumers? Several stations (Chevron, Shell, Texaco, etc.) have changed their signs to give one price for cash or if you use their brand-issued credit card. But … if you use your VISA, American Express, Mastercard, etc., you’ll pay a higher price.

ARCO recently made a huge deal out of finally coming into the 21st century by allowing us consumers to use our credit cards. But we all know the catch is that they charge the consumer an additional fee per gallon (which seems to vary from location to location.)

There are companies that usually charge less (Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyer) who not only allow you to use a credit card (American Express only at Costco) but even offer a discount.

Maybe it’s time to start letting these stations who feel getting more money from our wallets for not using their brand-issued card that we as consumers don’t appreciate their way of doing business. Take your business someplace else that is consumer-friendly and save yourself some money.

Bryan Bechler

Granite Falls