Pot facility bad for kids, land values

This letter is to express deep concern regarding the marijuana growing operation that is being built in my neighborhood; Red Frog LLC, 12815 227th Ave. SE, Monroe. I understand such an operation will be built with razor-wire fencing and flood lights along with venting operations that release foul-smelling fumes into the area.

Area water drainage and surface flow is already being changed by the filling and grading of a large amount of land. This will undoubtedly affect Wagner Lake, whose shoreline lies a mere 400 feet from the area that is to be planted with marijuana. This facility, that will appear much like a prison, will be in close proximity to this public lake where people, including children fish and play. Families and children in the area will also be affected. Salem Woods Elementary School is within walking distance of the newly proposed marijuana farm. Children walking and riding to school will be assaulted with seeing and smelling the process of cultivating and transporting marijuana.

Transporting marijuana along 227th Avenue poses yet another issue with this facility. The transportation of such a large amount of marijuana will necessitate the use of large trucks. The street is a narrow county road used by children walking to and from school, families walking to and from Lake Wagner and joggers. This road cannot well support the increase in traffic that will surely eventuate after this facility is operational.

The families living in the Wagner Lake area and I are strongly opposed to this marijuana farm being constructed in our neighborhood. Please assist us in getting the word out about this facility being built next to our community. The residents in and around Monroe deserve better than to have our property devalued and our children subjected to these types of facilities operating in our residential areas.

Jonathan Jones