Problems predate Obama

The letter of June 1, “We Must Speak Up for our Vets,” asks readers to voice their onions on the so-called VA scandal, so I will.

I find it extremely frustrating to constantly read letters from people who obviously have no first-hand knowledge of the subjects they are talking about and can only parrot what they hear from the likes of Fox News: “Obama is totally detached from the whole scandal,” “Obama has an inward disdain for the military,” “The VA scandal is another Watergate.” I can’t really expect anything less from the right when such a large percentage of them blame President Obama for everything from earthquakes to the common cold.

If the letter writer had bothered to do some serious research on what is going on at the VA, he would have found that the last six administrations were also well informed and aware of existing problems. So it is ridiculous to blame just Obama when so many others had also failed to address or solve these problems.

As a combat veteran myself — Marines, Vietnam, 1968-69 — I really don’t need someone who doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about to speak for me. Yes, some states and some VA hospitals have serious problems. But for me, I was diagnosed 1½ years ago with two life-threatening health issues, and the local VA hospital and outpatient facilities have done an excellent job of taking care of me.

If you have to blame someone for not helping vets, how about Republicans, who recently blocked two major veterans benefit bills from passing: a veterans job bill in June 2013 and additional health care and education in January.

Tom T. Davis