Raises must be based on results

In the July 6 Herald, two articles were written regarding pay raises for appointed and elected officials. It seems to be a popular, and a correct way of doing business right now. These pay raises are taking place in city government, county, state and federal levels. And what is the reason given as to why? “Because of the hard work and time so-and-so has been putting in.”

The people who are rewarding these “hard-working” people, don’t really understand how a pay raise is earned. Most people have good intent, when doing their job. However, good intention does not always give good results. Base a pay raise on results, not effort. A person managing a city or a county, should get a pay raise, but base that on results only. Effort alone is not enough in the world we now live in.

In today’s world, give me results over effort any day. Should you hold a “public servant” job, please give us good results, your effort is expected.

Bruce A. Ferguson