Raising fowl attracts rats

Regarding the article, “Lynnwood council votes to allow residents to keep up to 5 chicken hens”: There’s a saying, “Chickens in the back yard, rats in the kitchen.”

By passing this ordinance, the city has allowed the infestation of rats! Living in a small town and having close neighbors with chickens, we have noticed an increase in rats. Having been raised on a chicken farm, I know rats love chicken feed, water and shelter, all of which chicken pens have. Our home is now overrun with these little critters because of neighboring chickens.

Chickens do not kill rats; they will eat the maggots that are on left on dead rats. Or there is a possibility of a cranky rooster, defending his territory, and ending the poor critter on the run or chasing after his hens.

Think long and hard before bringing chickens and rats into your back yard.

Teresa A. Knuckey