Re-name it, base it on finances

The Jan. 21 letter concerning the career conference of color is a true oxymoron. (“Focus is on equality, not color.”) In one sentence, Mr. Reed claims the conference is about equality and in another he wrote that people of color have priority over whites. The title of the conference in itself is prejudicial. Could you imagine a conference titled “career conference for whites”? Well, people of color can attend but whites have first priority … Well, that would not go over very well, would it?

Perhaps Mr. Reed should take his letter and for every time he uses the word color, substitute the word white and then re-read it. I think he would find it very racial and offensive. Maybe do the same thing with the title of his conference and the bylaws of his conference. They would be declared very prejudicial as well.

There will never be true equality until the question of color is completely removed and never asked. Base the conference on economic need alone. Then, since more people of color have economic need, more people of color will attend but it would not exclude that poor white kid, ether. The color of a person’s skin should make no more difference than the color of their hair or the color of their eyes. Don’t even ask the question of color. Then and only then will you truly be promoting equality.

Ed Moore

Granite Falls