Reagan wrong name to invoke

I was quite entertained at the letter from the retired Air Force officer with 44 years of service who was distressed about the loss of 51 people of our military force during our occupation of Afghanistan. (Sept. 24, “Obama absent when needed most.”) He pointed out how our current president has made no strong action or statement, but admitted that he is in contact with the Afghan leaders.

What caught my eye was his question, “Can you imagine if Ronald Reagan were the current Commander-in-Chief, what would his reaction to these killings be?” Where was he stationed in October of 1983?

In 1982, Reagan sent 1,600 marines to Lebanon as part of a “peacekeeping force.” During that time, the sixth fleet started firing missiles into Druze and Muslim neighborhoods in attempts to hit enemy forces. They mostly hit innocent civilians. The response was a truck bomb hitting the U.S. Embassy in April of 1983 killing 16 Americans. When the shelling continued until Oct. 23, one truck bomb hit the U.S. marine barracks killing 241 soldiers and another hit the French barracks killing 51 French troops. Reagan’s response was quick and decisive, he withdrew all American personnel offshore to the sixth fleet where it was safe. After periodic shelling from the sixth fleet, we withdrew in April of 1984 and Syria took over Lebanon.

How short some people’s memories are.

Tom Griffin


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