Real churches don’t preach hate

I just wanted to assure the author of the July 24 letter accusing all churches of being purveyors of hate that my church (Calvary Chapel Marysville) does not in any way hate anything but sin. (There’s a significant distinction between hating actions and hating people, which I’m afraid the author has missed.)

Frankly, I don’t know how he could make such a statement as he did. What churches has he been to? I would challenge him to attend any solid, Bible-teaching church in the area once to find out what really motivates us. As far as I know, Westboro is the only “church” that preaches actual hatred against people.

I also don’t know how he could characterize Christian evangelism as hate. I can say for myself and for every person I’ve ever known who has engaged in evangelism that we do it out of love and genuine concern for others. How could it be rooted in hate if we truly believe that our rebellion against our beneficent Creator merits death but that God Himself paid our penalty? In this case, wouldn’t actively withholding the message of Christ’s love be closer to hatred than what the author asserted? I’ll be praying for him and I hope he realizes that it’s out of love. We all do detestable things that are worthy of hatred (e.g., lying, stealing, lusting) but the beauty of the Christian gospel is that God loves us anyway. He just wants us to turn from these behaviors and reconcile with Him.

Peter Scougale