Religious freedom will be the winner

In my President Obama vs. the Catholic Church bracket, I have religious freedom winning in the finals. Two thousand years of experience becomes too much for the inexperienced president to overcome. The press will report he showed flashes early. In the end, though, it really wasn’t much of a game.

Expecting something else, he is surprised at the church’s reaction when they meet later: “We have been praying for you.” Moved by this gesture, the two come together around a common goal of serving fellow man — one wielding only the power of a temporary seat in a rather young country and the other a consistency from the day it was founded. Like a teenager learning a difficult lesson, this young president struggles with humility. But the game was never really that close. The gesture, though, was so powerful that he is left changed forever…

In my other bracket, I have Kentucky over Kansas.

Tom Hoban