Repeal and replace with what?

It’s easy to understand why Republican politicians are howling against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. They serve at the pleasure of the party, which requires that they fight any action from the president that may improve the lives of Americans so they can launch an electoral campaign against him for not improving the lives of Americans. It has already begun.

Of course the insurance requirement is a hardship for millions of us. Nor is it likely that this hardship is only an interim step in the reform of medical care. What I urge rank and file Republicans to examine is the truth that no better remedy can exist in the face of the shameful reality that we have allowed the preservation of human life to become a cartel of for-profit industries and then tolerated non-regulation of those industries to generate bloated pricing beyond any semblance of reasonableness.

In a reasonable economy, medical insurance should neither exist nor be necessary. It is more than significant that these gaseous eruptions of “repeal and replace” haven’t once offered a plan, cogent or otherwise, for this “replacement.” They can’t possibly do that without either attacking the huge and powerful insurance industry or blatantly throwing the massive lower income citizenry under the bus.

This must go beyond the circus of politics. Our people are dying every day and we can and must stop that or face our selves as willful ministers of indifference to human life. That’s a felony, by the way.

Harold R. Pettus