Require military service for all

Our country experienced a terrible tragedy in which a sick individual used a gun to commit his horrific act. Predictably, the hoplophobes are coming out of the woodwork. Even one who professes to be an NRA Life member demonstrates that he doesn’t understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. It is in place to enable us to protect us from the very institutions that he relies on for protection.

Weapons ownership is vital in this world for many reasons. In Switzerland, all male heads of households are required to have a fully automatic weapon in their home. In Israel, all schoolteachers are armed with fully automatic weapons, after, like the Swiss, serving in and being trained by their military.

It has been suggested that we provide armed guards in our schools. The howls from the leftists are deafening. Their main objection is the cost. I believe that if we were to stop all of our ridiculous foreign aid and spend that money here at home, we could well afford this expenditure. Withdrawing from the UN and defunding it would provide enough to aid in these costs. After all, the UN does nothing except hamper our government every chance it gets and we sit here like a bunch of dummies and finance them.

It is time to insist on universal military service by all persons at the age of 18 where they would receive the necessary training to handle weapons responsibly. The money saved by stopping all foreign aid to those who oppose us and laugh in our faces for being so stupid would enable us to provide the necessary armed, well trained personnel to protect our schools. Charity begins at home. Let us begin to implement policies that serve our citizens instead of those who oppose us. Whatever funds needed to protect our children are vital to every American. Our children are our most precious asset.

Frank A. Langley

Lake Stevens

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