Roberts has taken away our rights

We were dumbfounded by Chief Justice Roberts’ usurpation of the Constitution by his rewrite of “Obamacare” by changing the “individual mandate” from a penalty to a “tax” thereby making it “constitutional.” In the four dissenting justices opinion, written by Justice Kennedy, he stated, “We cannot rewrite the statute to be what it is not.” Further, that “Judicial tax-writing is particularly troubling.” These may be the most understated words in U.S. judicial history.

Why did Justice Roberts do this, which in effect removes any restriction of federal power by being able to “tax” us if we do not want to buy a particular product? Was his intent to remove any court reputation of conservative bias? Was he afraid of retribution by Obama and the left? Or was he intent on establishing the “Roberts’ Court”? If so, the cost to our freedom was horrendous! The chief justice authorized the federal government to force us to buy, or do anything, it desires and if we don’t, to “tax” us.

Exacerbating matters, his earlier decision striking down Arizona’s immigration laws has left its southern border unprotected. It is now a safe invasion corridor for drug runners, human traffickers, illegals, and yes, terrorists. Roberts has done more than any person, country or entity to take away our rights and void the Constitution. Many hundreds of thousands of men and women have died, or been maimed, protecting our Constitution. With this decision this appears to have been in vain.

Robert Johnston

Camano Island