Self-appointed police out of line

I am writing to the person who appointed himself as the “handicap police” in the Costco parking lot. Having a permit, I parked in a handicap spot last week in Silver Lake. My sister went to get a cart so I could lean on it while there. As she walked away, a very tall, dark man stood over me and demanded to know “which one of you is handicapped?” I was stunned.

In hindsight I realize I did not need to answer him or explain that I had just had a complete knee replacement and that the other knee will probably need the same thing. His response was, “You are not even using crutches!” I realize that there is some abuse of the permits but mine is perfectly legitimate. I feel sorry for someone who feels the necessity of accosting people and makes the assumption, in his black and white world, that only people with crutches, canes, and wheelchairs may need to shorten the distance that they walk each day. The several surgeries addressing the issues of arthritis make me thankful that I am allowed to have a permit that brings me closer to my destinations. I certainly hope he is not continuing to do this to others, but I have a feeling that is not the case. Shame on you, sir.

Jo Anne Robinson

Lake Stevens

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