Seniors will bear costs, wait lists

In a Saturday’s letter to the editor, the writer correctly points out that seniors will be the ones who will bear the costs of the PPAFA. Although affordable care is the intent of this act it will do everything but be affordable for seniors. Just when they need it most and can afford it least.

The writer also points out that seniors will be on wait lists. I would add not only to get a doctor, but also for treatment of many conditions that are currently readily available to them. Much the same as we have heard about Canada and Great Britain over the years only worse. The death panels that we have all heard of will exist where in many instances if you are beyond a certain age you will not receive treatment that would prolong your life.

Nancy Pelosi once said, let’s pass the bill so we can see what’s in it. As it works out it is still being written using the broad guidelines that were passed. I don’t think seniors are going to appreciate the results if what we have seen so far is any indication. What started out to be a plan to cover the 30 million uninsured will now be a financial burden or more tragically a death sentence for many seniors.

Don Williamson