Sets a bad example for us all

I’m worried about what we are turning into as a society and what is being forced on us, as well as what our elected leaders are leading us toward. Our dear Gov. Gregoire is a bad example. She stated that we, the voters, don’t really know or understand fully what we are voting upon in the elections, especially when the vote doesn’t go her way. I take offense to that kind of remark.

She leads a gay parade as grand marshal. I don’t believe any governor should represent the whole state that way. Our state is supposedly so broke, even though we are one of the highest taxed states in the nation, yet the Indian tribes are not taxed on the millions of dollars they earn from the casinos and the illegal fireworks sold this time of year (I’ve read that the states that do tax the tribes are not hurting near as much as Washington) and we are so scraped for money they have to tax roll your own cigarettes. There are thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our state testing our financial limits.

What part of Illegal do you not understand?

I’m tired of politicians voting party lines when they don’t agree with the subject. They tend to lose their conscience after they’ve become a “lifer” politician.

Gary Fisher

Lake Stevens