Shin exercising right of democracy

I find the letter “Shin seeks respect? Well, so do others” offensive and the most personal assault on Mr. Shin I have heard. I also am upset that you, The Herald, would choose to print such a letter that attacks someone’s personhood and most intimate beliefs.

Yes, Mr. Shin voted his conscience. However, the letter writer believes that he did not vote what we, his voters, wanted. The writer is wrong. Not all his voters feel as strongly as the writer does about marriage between same-sex individuals being a “right.” Also, many of Mr. Shin’s voters are Christians with his same beliefs and had we been the state senator voting would have voted exactly the same.

I believe the letter writer is showing bigotry toward Christians and their beliefs. Please contain such animosity and try to respect everyone’s right to their opinion, even when it does not agree with your feelings.

The process of voting is a definitive act of a “pro” side against a “con” side. That is called a democracy, we vote and the yeas or nays have it. That is what should be respected. Mr. Shin has the right to vote either way and should not be criticized for exercising what he was elected to do. You just can’t please everyone.

Joan Sims