So much promise lost in seconds

“The miles are gone, the promises are kept. I heard the news, I sat … I wept.” I have been watching so many programs on TV about John F. Kennedy. How sad it is that when we think about him, the first thought that comes to mind is his tragic death. His life was far more important. He had just gotten started. He was only in his third year and everyone knows a president’s freshman term is never his best.

Just imagine what he could have done for our nation had he been allowed to live. I feel such a deep sense of loss when I think about Kennedy. Looking at history, and all the president’s that came before Kennedy … damn, no wonder everyone was excited. All the former presidents were old, gray-haired or bald men wearing fedoras and thick glasses … and then came Kennedy; full head of glorious hair, no glasses and certainly no hat was going to touch that perfect coif, no sir. Even when presented with a beautiful Stetson in Fort Worth, he mimed putting it on and then said, “I will put this hat on, when you come to see me in Washington D.C.” and everyone laughed. Yes laughed. No president made so many people laugh as Jack Kennedy. He was after all, funny, bright, young and handsome, and on his arm was the most glamorous “First Lady” ever seen. Jack captivated our minds while Jackie captivated our hearts. She was perfection. Our “First Family” was as picture perfect as could be and the United States was filled with hope and prosperity … and then in 7 seconds everything changed. Our innocence was lost and all the rose-colored glasses were ripped from our faces and the stark reality of death and despair stared us straight in the face!

God rest and bless the Kennedy family.

Susan Martin


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