Solar very much an option here

Concerning the Friday letter, “Nuclear better than carbon” from Frank Baumann. He mentioned, referring to energy sources…”That leaves solar, which, at least in Western Washington, is a nonstarter.” He is clearly wrong, from my personal experience and, as well, research of various parts of the United States. We live on Camano Island and after evaluation by the PUD, we were limited to installation of only 28 solar panels installed on the east/south side of only about one-fifth of the available roof of our 3,100-square-foot home. We did not even get to install any on the west side, which gets lots of sun throughout much of the day. For the last year we have not had to pay any monthly electric bills and, in addition, got an annual rebate over $1,000. We could not install more than 28 panels because the calculation was that we would be earning a living from the solar savings we received that was far beyond our electricity usage and would be unfair to electricity providers.

Norm Kosky

Camano Island