State bleeds small businesses dry

I agree with the letter, “Tax system needs real revamping.” Yes, there is something wrong with the property tax picture but that is only a part. As a small businessman, the letter writer pays several taxes that most of us don’t pay attention to. Taxes such as business and occupation, inventory, personal property, wholesalers, etc.

The different government agencies are going to get their money one way or another. First the politicians will threaten us by saying they will fire all the policemen and firemen if we don’t vote for higher taxes or a state income tax. If the state cannot get us to vote an increase in the sales tax they simply raise the B&O tax or one of the other “invisible” business taxes. This forces the businessman to raise his prices so we all pay in the end.

I feel for small businessmen because by the time they pay all their income, Social Security, and numerous business taxes they lose at least 50 percent of their income. Usually when the government raises one of the business taxes, they give the huge corporations a tax break or exemption. They do this to keep the large players, such as Boeing, quiet so the masses remain unaware and do not run for the pitch forks and torches and begin storming the castle.

So we all pay more, either through higher cost of goods and services or directly through increased taxes. We also need to keep in mind that we enjoy so many blessings in this country. Myself, I can’t complain, the house is warm and I have food on the table. That puts me ahead of about 75 percent of the world. When the politicians stick their hand out I just smile and shake my head while hearing Ronald Reagan saying “There you go again.”

Oh, and just a friendly reminder, you still have time to pay your Use Tax for the year. You know, the tax we all pay for those items we bought from the classifieds or Internet. If you aren’t aware of it you should look it up. Remember that couch you bought at the garage sale? You need to call the state and tell them you owe sales tax on it. Just make the check out to Christine, she’ll be more than happy to take your money.

Fred Wade