State gas tax already excessive

Our legislators are preparing to raise our gas taxes. They will come up with a multitude of reasons it is needed, including keeping Boeing in the state. All while avoiding any discussion of our state’s continued excess spending on unnecessary projects that often exceed their budget.

It is apparent that we are already paying enough in taxes. Every time we fill up our cars we pay on the average $9.50 in taxes, most of which goes to the state. We are already in the top 10 states for the highest gasoline taxes. Now they want to tax us over $11 for each fill up.

Unless every taxpayer starts paying attention, we will continue to live under the mantra: “it’s only a dime” to the point of bankruptcy for the taxpayer. My wake-up call was many years ago when my son asked me why I vote for the party I vote.

For one 24-hour period I pointed out each time I paid taxes starting out with the $300 per month it cost me to live in my house. Then the over 10 percent tax on the meal we ate out that day, plus the tip where the waitress was also taxed on the money we gave her for her service.

Then I showed that on the phone, electric, water and every other thing we did that day as a family was additionally taxed. Above all these taxes, being self-employed, I pay the state of Washington quarterly in business and occupation tax to be able to work.

Presently we are paying over 17 percent in tax on gas. I believe that a 17 percent tax on anything is already excessive, but pushing that percentage higher is absolutely highway robbery. Voters really need to pay attention to all of the taxes that we already pay and say no, absolutely no to any additional taxes. Don’t fall for the dupe of “it’s only another dime” in taxes. No new gasoline tax.

Ken George


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