Still time to sign up for plan

If you still haven’t signed up for health care, you have only three weeks left — don’t be left out, there may be a very inexpensive plan waiting for you!

Here’s all you need to know: your “gross” (that means before deductions) monthly earnings, your monthly school expenses if you have them, and which plans are accepted by your preferred doctor/clinic (call them and ask or check out their website).

Now go to your computer and type in the state site: www.wahealthplanfinder/org

A “home page” comes up that provides pathways to great information. Clicking on “Learn More” (it’s in the middle column — written in green) will provide a short video on how the entire process works on the computer. After the video, I’d suggest clicking on the “Find &Compare Health Plans” (top right corner of screen). You’ll be asked for about eight pieces of personal information and then it will give you some plans with the monthly costs. A working friend who is taking classes at EvCC found a plan for less than $40 a month and enrolled.

Now you’re probably ready to “Create an Account” (it’s in the bottom right corner of the home page). This whole process should take less than an hour and you will have health care. Instead of paying a penalty this year for avoiding health care, you will be covered. Do it!

Blanch Kosche

Lake Stevens