Subject matter an unfair shock

Regarding the Friday review, “Be warned: Village Theatre’s ‘Shoulda’ not family material”: My husband and I are season subscribers to Village Theatre and prior to that for years I subscribed to Civic Light Opera in North Seattle.

This is the first time that I was ever offended by what I saw on stage and we’re seated in the third row, so our vision is excellent from there.

There was absolutely no warning that this was not going to be family material or I/we would never have subscribed to this performance, or for that matter, perhaps even the season tickets! I am still upset about this lack of communication from Village Theatre to us subscribers and I consider it unforgiveable that they posted no notice at all about it being adult-only material! I find absolutely no excuse whatsoever! These are supposed to be adult thinkers; what are they thinking of? Certainly not us! I don’t care about being a minority in my thinking, if that is what Village Theatre directors think!

In the past, the productions have been excellent, in my opinion, until now!

And, the plot and 90 percent of the play itself was great. I felt like somebody shocked me and threw something at me when I realized what was happening. Actually, I can’t even type out what I really felt and feel about this mistake on their part! I’m still fuming!

I am not a letter writer, nor a complainer, and only once in my 73 years have I ever written in complaining about something like this! Now it’s twice in my life, and no, I am not set in my ways as some who read this may form that opinion in their head and say, “Oh, she’s just old and unchangeable.” I’m quite the opposite, I love change and I’m extremely active, which is one of the reasons I’ve not written sooner. I’m a busy bee.

Beatrice (Loftus) Newlun