Support children by renewing levy

Feb. 14 will serve as an important date for two reasons this year. It will once again serve as a day that we remember the special person in our life. It will also be an opportunity to vote for all of the children in our community that are special to us. These children are our own or our nieces, nephews, grandchildren or those of our neighbors, but most importantly, they are the children in our community.

We have a school levy that is expiring this year and needs to be renewed. It will be a four-year levy that will be reduced in years 3 and 4. It represents 26 percent of the Arlington Public Schools budget and covers technology, curriculum, staff development, special programs and extra-curricular programs.

Arlington Public Schools has a proven record of success in their stewardship of our dollars. Our children’s performance is an indication that our educators and the individuals that support them are doing what we ask of them — preparing our children for a successful future. Let’s show the students and educators that we value the importance of a great education. Please join us in voting for our children. Thank you.

John and Kimberly Meno