Sympathy is right, lawsuit is not

Regarding the Oct. 19 article, “Speed cited in crash that killed Marysville boy”: I graduated from Marysville-Pilchuck in the 80s. I remember well the hill on which young Mr. Mendoza died. The hill still appears to be famous among kids as a place for a thrill ride. A 35 mph limit is a reasonable speed so long as that’s what you drive. Unfortunately, young people sometimes are injured or die as a result of unsafe driving.

While this accident is tragic, I urge the county not to pay a penny for the claim that has been filed. The driver violated at least one law related to driving with kids under 20 in the car. Witnesses and forensic evidence indicate the driver was seriously speeding and succeeded in “catching air.”

The person who seems most likely at fault paid the ultimate price for a mistake of youth and I feel great sympathy for his family. I feel no sympathy for a pair of lawyers who filed a huge claim. Perhaps they hope to pressure the county into a settlement to avoid further legal costs. For many law firms, this type of event can provide a sensational platform for corporate revenue — “justice be damned.” If Snohomish County pays a penny or if a court agrees to hear a suit for this claim, it is one more piece of evidence indicating a legal system that has been utterly corrupted.

That said, I would happily contribute to a charitable fund or medical cost relief raised in any of these three young men’s names.

John Smith