System should benefit all society

Recent letters to the Herald speak of “entitlements” like they’re some sort of government giveaways, rather than benefits earned and paid for by our fellow citizens. When looking for waste in government, why have Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner refused to acknowledge their past fiscal and political stupidity in the Bush era? We entered Afghanistan in 2001 rightfully to bring the 9/11 perpetrators to justice, but shelved that war for a bloody, expensive morass in Iraq that we’re still paying for. Bush tax cuts left us borrowing to finance our misadventure in Iraq, and finally remembering our Afghan neglect. Republicans lost the last election which the pundits all said wouldn’t happen with the economic meltdown. Republicans have no standing on moral or financial grounds after eight years of Bush errors and poor fiscal decisions. They should step aside and let President Obama continue to help us climb out of the mess he inherited. Out political system is constitutional democracy, a wonderful thing, but our economic system should work to benefit our society as a whole. Those who benefit most should pay the most. Let’s get our budget balanced by taxing those who have profited in the economic recession while most suffered.

Steve Morse