Talk to those affected by beliefs

Thank you so much for your article “It’s about our belief system” on the July 2 front page.

Now I know to boycott this business. I wish you would have published a whole list of companies who believe their religious beliefs are more important than their employees’ health. That way it would be easier for me to boycott all these businesses. Hobby Lobby is the top of the list, but it doesn’t stop there.

I’m also glad that you only interviewed Mr. Mischel for this article. Had you interviewed his employees asking about how they felt about their boss making health-care access decisions for them, the whole article may have turned out different. It’s good to have a light, wholesome, one-sided approach to such a serious and divisive issue.

I understand these business owners have just had a major victory in cutting costs — but I’d really like to see an article about some of the people who are actually going to have to deal with the real repercussions of these decisions. I’m sure interviews are going to get a lot more personal now as prospective employees may have to ask about reproductive care coverage before they start working.

And of course! I almost forgot! I really liked how you tucked the information about the actual Supreme Court decision into the last third of the article. That’s definitely the best way to inform everyone what’s going on. Despite the decision (and the dissent) being the top news in every major news source yesterday, it’s not good enough to have any factual information about the decision make it to the front page — better tuck it away to B2.

Maureen MacDonald