Taxing services is robbing citizens

The increase in taxes passed by our legislators is about as wrong as it gets. They are literally robbing Peter (the people of Washington) to pay Paul (our government).

When our representatives attempt to justify raising taxes on the service industry they will discuss that they are taxing people like attorneys and doctors hoping that it will gain the support from the take-from-the-rich, to-give-to-the-poor crowd. In reality, it covers hundreds of other occupations, many of which are barely getting by. Many are people who have been laid off due to the economy and earning money as contract employees. Some of the other services that are going to be taxed include: Realtors, veterinarians, optometrists, dentists, accountants and hair stylists.

Lawmakers’ choice to raise taxes, rather than live within their means, simply means taking money from our dwindling income to put into the pockets of others. They will tout that it will help the young, poor and elderly. In reality, it will go to the pockets of government employees with their lucrative salary and benefit packages. Just remember in December it was reported that more than 21,000 state employees could get pay raises of up to 5 percent.

Every person owning a company in the service industry, their employees and the customers of their services who will also be paying more for their services, needs to remember this in November. Every representative who voted for this package, regardless of political party, should be kicked out of office. In addition, any representative of the party in power also needs to be ousted. Remember our founding fathers in the Constitution wrote “We the people.” It was not “They the government.”

Ken George