Taxing someone for safety is silly

The Feb. 5 letter, “Tax, fine users of studded tires,” suggests imposing an annual $50 “per tire” tax on users of studded tires to offset the cost of maintenance and repairs on roads allegedly damaged by studded tires.

Perhaps we should consider a fine for those who do not use studded tires and cause all kinds of damage to our guardrails and road signs when they slide off the road in icy/snowy conditions! And what about the even greater expenses of police and emergency response caused by those who refuse to put on better traction for the winter?

Would the writer be so eager to tax the use of studded tires if the life of one of his loved ones was spared because of someone else’s choice to utilize studded tires in order to better control their vehicle in winter conditions? Even our own State Patrol could benefit from the use of studded tires in certain situations, as evidenced by the trooper who flipped his patrol car in icy conditions on I-90 near Issaquah this past December.

To tax someone for being prepared and being safer for themselves and others around them by using studded tires has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Mike Stephenson