Term limits would get things moving

The reader who placed all the ills of the world on poor old Norm Dicks was reaching a little. (Wednesday letter, “Not so enthralled by his service.”) I do agree that we need term limits on all elected offices. We put term limits on the highest office in the land, why not Congress? The power that the long-term members hold would be tempered some, and maybe Congress could become more help than hindrance to whoever is president.

I don’t believe our founding fathers ever meant for these positions to be careers. Rather they saw it as doing their civic duty. They wanted to get back home to their families and businesses. Having term limits would make it easier and maybe cheaper for John Q. Citizen to gain office. We would have new and fresh ideas on how our country should be run.

Retirement benefits would be calculated on time served. No matter who you vote for, or even if you don’t vote, you pay the salaries of our elected officials. You should be making the rules for their employment.

Janis Hoover