Thanks for giving me my life back

On Aug. 15 I was admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett for a total hip replacement. Because of the exceptional care I received, I really want to say thank you. Before surgery the anesthesiologist explained everything, told me they take a time out to triple check everything before surgery. This was extremely comforting as I was very nervous. The nurses and the nurses assistants are extremely skillful and compassionate. I was checked on every 15 minutes. The menu and food offered was better than a lot of restaurants!

Dr. Stonecipher, with his fantastic technology, has given me my life back. I had been in five years of pain, off the chart. Just two weeks later I am walking with zero pain.

Thank you, Providence, you are truly amazing, and being a caregiver for 20 years makes me appreciate you all the more! Thank you, thank you!

Joy Warner

Camano Island