Thanks to medics who serve us all

During our April 29 morning service at Calvary Baptist Church, we had a dear lady become ill. One of our men immediately came to her assistance.

The Fire Department was called to this emergency. I was amazed at how respectful and professionally they were at going quietly about their work of carefully removing this dear lady from the pew to the medic unit. The congregation just kept on singing and praying.

I am still so thankful for these men and their incredible work. They deserve to be commended for their professionalism. I am sure that they represent all of our wonderful men and women who serve us in critical care and protection. It is good to be reminded now and then about how blessed we are for all our men and women who diligently serve our community.

In this way they remind us of our God. We call. He answers. We called and they came. We at Calvary Baptist Church say thank you!

Dr. Dean Grotzke


Calvary Baptist Church