Thanks to voters for supporting schools

We would like to thank the Marysville School District voters for their support in our maintenance and operations and technology levies this February. Passage of this maintenance and operations levy provides 20 percent of our operating costs for the next four years. The state provides the other 80 percent. It is unfortunate that local levy dollars are needed to fund public education, but unless the state redefines basic education to include extra and co-curricular funding (doubtful, unfortunately) we will still need a levy.

The technology levy will provide $3 million per year over the next four years to create wireless access in all district school buildings. It will also help us educate teachers on how to best utilize technology for learning. The fact that many young users far surpass district teachers in the ability to navigate through technology makes teacher training a high priority. These dollars will also put devices in the hands of most students and integrate curricular and technology learning.

Strong schools make strong communities. Your support of Marysville schools enhances local business and stabilizes housing. We have seen our first enrollment gain in five years, and local levy support will strengthen future growth.

Thank you again. We know the Marysville School District will be good stewards with your money. We will all gain by it.

Don Whitfield and Pete Lundberg,

Levy co-chairs