Thanks to work crew for quick response

Training, instinct and quick action came together on Monday afternoon to prevent a flaming vehicle that had just exploded at the downhill intersection of South 2nd, and the Lowell River Road.

Traffic was thick as the construction of new water lines and meters focuses on Lowell. A car was stopped for the flagger when inexplicably it burst into flames and the driver bailed out, the flaming car was headed toward the long line of stopped traffic when the quick reaction of the crew diverted the car and stopped it with sandbags. Next, their on-site water truck zoomed up along with a crewman with a fire extinguisher! Everett firefighters arrived on the scene and mopped up.

The crew deserves a great big hooray, for their quick and professional behavior. There definitely would have been injuries, damage and general mayhem had they not.

Michele Hoverter