They’ve earned right to relax

This regards the letter in Wednesday’s Herald suggesting senior citizens should do “volunteer work” instead of complaining about not being able to play cards and gambling at the Senior Center.

When we reach the age of senior citizens, this is supposed to be our so called “golden years” where we can sit back, relax and enjoy what time we have left.

A majority of senior citizens have already done their share of volunteer work over the years on numerous projects. Also a majority of senior citizens have serious health issues that prohibit them from any type of physical activity and doing volunteer work generally involves physical activity.

Numerous studies have been made and have proven that senior citizens should keep their minds alert and any type of activity that makes you think and study is beneficial to senior citizens and I would put playing card games in this category. This also a way of enjoying each others’ company as a majority of the senior citizens live alone.

Hopefully the various parties can reach some type of agreement in favor of those that are card players.

Virginia Carpenter