Time for a new board president

The meeting of the school board in where they elect/appoint officers is upcoming on Dec. 15

I hope Mr. Russell is not re-elected as president. He was very rude to Mr. Shipley, regarding Mr. Shipley’s efforts to improve the track and field at Cascade High, and very rude to other members of the public including myself, forgetting it is the public the school board is to serve.

I did not agree with Mr. Petersen on all issues, but at least in his manner to the public he was always courteous and careful to explain his thoughts.

Mr. Russell has a domineering posture and attitude unbecoming to leadership. It has frequently seemed to me, the school board strives to serve the superintendent, rather than the public, but even so, where there is disagreement among the public and among themselves their conduct needs to be conciliatory, and polite. Their role is to represent the public in overseeing the superintendent and the business of the district.

In my opinion, Mr. Russell fails in managing reconciliation and representing the entire public, in a manner of calm dignity and concern all opinions are heard and duly and fairly considered.

Darla Contreras


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