Time to revamp our tax system

The purpose of this letter is to advocate for Washington state to completely replace its current tax, fee and toll systems with a moderately progressive income tax. This idea is described in papers on a website: www.future4washington.webs.com. The website also has a paper, “Please vote No on I-1185,” and provides an explanation of why.

The current Washington state tax system is not working:

The state currently has a debt over $16 billion.

Tuition at the University of Washington has risen 342 percent in 22 years.

Even though the state’s population rises about 70,000 a year, DSHS has lost 3,855 employees since 2008.

“n 2011, 15.4 percent of Washington households reported some level of food insecurity, which means they regularly struggle to get enough food for their families, according to the USDA. The Children’s Alliance estimates that 440,000 children in Washington, or 25 percent, live in households where there is not enough to eat.

Each week, about 150 inmates arrive at the Washington Corrections Center for processing before they’re assigned a permanent home in the state prison system.

I believe that a moderately progressive income tax would be a “credible plan” that both Republicans and Democrats should consider. Instead of hundreds of foundations or caring non-profits attempting to respond to these problems, the taxpayers would be the “care-providers” that step in and provide funding to help public education, DSHS, and law enforcement to protect them.

An example is given on the website of a moderately progressive income tax. The Legislature and governor would design the actual progressive income tax. Philanthropists could take deductions in the amount of their charitable giving. The same tax system would provide funding for employment training to help the unemployed go to work.

If you are interested in helping to financially support the research and websites or have any questions please contact me at my email mathteacher4@live.com or phone 206-696-7612.

Eric Paulsen