Time to stop the hate and loathing

I applaud the promised land of marriage equality as it finally arrives in Washington state. Despite the hate and institutionalized discrimination that dominated the plight of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) community in its pursuit of justice and its constitutionally granted equal treatment, it has emerged victorious and stronger than ever. I am overjoyed that my beautiful daughter will now be able to marry her wife and that her marriage will be seen and treated with the same rights and respect as every other married Washington state citizen. Washington state should be proud to be among the first to vote marriage equality into law.

It’s unfortunate that too many people in America use their particular religious faiths as a sledge hammer to further the hate and violence that has killed far too many Americans who only sought to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Not every person in America has a faith or even the same faith and some of those that do seem to feel that they are entitled to force their beliefs on the public at large. It’s well past time that we stop allowing these people to inflict their injuries on those that they hate and loath. Why do so many people stand around while this is being done to lawful upstanding GLBT people?

Stop the hate, stop the hate speech and stop twisting your particular religious faiths into sledge hammers and stop killing my friends and neighbors with your mouths.

Michelle Hall


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