Vote ‘yes’ for future students

I live in the south part of the Everett School District and have kids in elementary and middle school. Every day we drive by numerous new sites where developers are building new homes. Some of these new homes will have children who will need to go to school. Families are moving to the area because of the ESD’s reputation of high-ranking schools.

Jackson High School is already 500 students over its capacity of 1,500. Our elementary classrooms are averaging 27 students per first-fifth grade class. Washington state ranks 47th out of 50 in the nation for class size. Will these future, new students be crammed into rooms that are already overflowing? The upgrades may come too late for my sixth grader, but will benefit all those who come after her.

Several of our schools are due for modernization this bond cycle. Modernization includes much-needed safety and security upgrades like at Woodside Elementary where I get to visit as a RN for the school district. Woodside’s campus is all open and easily accessed.

The bond will fund building improvements that support our students and staff. This will make a better learning environment for everyone concerned. Good schools mean healthy, economically sound communities. The new residents who are moving into the south end won’t have a chance to vote on behalf of their children for this bond, so help support them by voting yes and helping all our current and future students in Everett School District.

Laura Peterson