Wall Street whims we know so well

Just about the time we finally get some relief at the pump, the United States moves a fleet of ships into the Persian Gulf and the “boys and girls” from Wall Street, the folks who control the world, drive the price of oil up 20 percent in three days. Once again the news media will push the “Iran and oil” issue and all the bad things that will happen if the Iranian’s block the straight of Hormuz to oil shipments, which anyone with any common sense knows would never happen, until the price of oil is over $100 a barrel again.

Every expert in the world knows the U.S. economy can not and will not survive with gas at $4 a gallon; the problem is Wall Street doesn’t care. For them it is all about turning a quick profit for the rich at the expense of the poor and your about to see it happen again.

Dean Zevenbergen