We need believer in all energy types

Mr. Romney’s energy plan includes continued and increased exploitation of U.S. coal, oil and natural gases to move the U.S. toward energy independence. President Obama’s plan includes these same resources mentioned, plus supporting expansion and development of many “sustainable” energy resources, such as wind, solar, tidal and bio-fuels.

Mr. Romney was quoted as saying he “never saw a vehicle powered by a wind mill.” Perhaps he was joking, or poking fun. Yet, his meaning comes across as narrow focus on energy and an ignorance or lack of confidence in sustainable energy. Perhaps, more to the point, Big Oil might be financially “fueling” his campaign, so he must follow their path.

All energy resource possibilities must be explored, developed and exploited. Fossil fuels are finite. These resources have an end, simply because they were created by millions of years of biological transformation and humans are exploiting them faster than they could ever be replaced. (See peak oil discussions). Once gone, the earth will be as empty of fossil energy as a gas tank out of fuel.

Vote for a person who believes in developing all forms of energy, not just fossil fuels.

Michael Dahlstrom