We pay for their perks, what a deal

We are a democracy in that we are governed by the whole population. It represents the practice of social equality and government by the people.

We elect officials who we honestly believe will stand up for our best interests and yet, over and over again, the upper 2 percent seem to be getting all the breaks. Certainly money and power have nothing to do with this, right?

Our elected officials are indebted to us and have our very best interest at heart! After all, we’ve ensured that they have the finest of health care coverage, during their terms and years to come. They will continue to receive “monetary” appreciation after their terms, and surely, their retirement funds are exceptionally secure. Thank God we take care of them. After all, they take care of us!

Don’t they?

Surely they’re fighting for the insurances (now called “entitlements”) that we’ve paid into religiously throughout our lives; Medicare and Social Security. Even though they won’t need to depend on this silly bit of income, they all know that these miniscule amounts are worth their weight in gold to many if not most of us.

Don’t they?

Why, our wonderfully cared for appointed officials would never throw us under the bus! We were the ones who helped their kids go to college! We were the ones who made sure that their health care premiums remained the lowest in the country! We provided the funds to pay for their expensive lawyers and accountants who help them hide money.

And to think that Warren Buffett suggested that Congress members purchase their own retirement plan, and participate in the same health care system as we the people. He wants them to (gulp) participate in social security and make them go back to work after their term, without additional pay! I know, I can’t believe it either! He says that working in Congress is an honor, not a career.

Mr. Buffett is just too darn hard on the people we vote into office, don’t you agree?

But then again, for some reason, and I feel guilty for thinking this…

I still feel duped. Maybe it’s just an off day. Yep, that must be it.

Christine Wilstein