Welch knows about fudging numbers

Regarding the Oct. 6 article, “Jobless numbers are hard to fudge”: It’s great to see the man who considers himself a corporate guru — and whose business practices are being adopted by Corporate America — reveal what all of us in the real world already have an opinion about. That he is an idiot. Jack Welch at the head of GE instituted that company’s practice of firing the bottom 10 percent each year based on “performance reviews.”

Having worked in the corporate world for 30-plus years, I know that performance reviews are just a way for people to keep their buddies and get rid of their antagonists. Many large corporations have adopted this wasteful business practice. What really happens is that managers get around this by hiring people that they already know will be let go to meet the 10 percent quota.

Jack Welch typifies the Republican activists — almost all of whom are folks that were only lucky to be in the right place at the right time to get really wealthy, and just want to keep the rest of middle class USA from sharing in what they have come into. His Tweets that revealed how dumb he is concerning a supposed manipulation of the jobs report by the White House. As the Herald states in the article on Saturday — that just does not happen. Hopefully there is no one in Snohomish county that would believe Jack Welch.

Oscar Christiansen